Stick and shepherds crook making -Spring 2013.">Stick and shepherds crook making -Spring 2013.

My stick cutting has finished for another year and I look forward to veiwing my harvest of seasoned sticks in a years time.

Plenty of horns coming my way with some nice Scotch horns amongst them which should make good carving projects.

Please note tuition courses  are  Wednesdays only.

Costs are £100.00 per days tuition or £160.00 for two attendees (£80.00 each). Price includes your handle (rams horn market stick, buffalo horn or antler thumbstick.) to take home.

I have been concentrating on some carving projects lately but rams horn crooks have again been the biggest seller of 2012.

Hoping the weather warms up soon and we can get onto the river for a bit of fishing too !!