tony espleyWelcome to Espley Walking Sticks.

Tony Espley; Walking stick maker at Trefnant, Denbighshire, North Wales.

My interest in walking sticks began over thirty years ago when I wanted a thumbstick  and all I could find at local shows were poor quality and over priced factory made specimens, so I decided to make my own and purchased a book on the craft of stick dressing. One after another I turned out sticks from hazel wood, making simple knobsticks and thumbsticks, but the pictures in my book were of splendid horn handled crooks and stick handles with carved animal heads and I was determined to learn the skills neccesary to create such works of art. I attended night classes at a local  agricultural college and joined a stickmaking group and slowly began to learn the craft, though the horn work I largely taught myself by trial and error.

My sticks have always created interest locally and though I have been asked to make many sticks for friends over the years I never had enough time to fulfill all of the orders.

However, early in 2011 after twenty five years in the hospitality industry, I decided to turn my hobby into a business and spend my time creating walking sticks for sale.

I specialise in Welsh mountain rams horn handled sticks, particularly plain market sticks and shepherds crooks but also decorated handles with animal carvings.

As you will see from the following pages my sticks are finished to the highest standard, made in the traditional way, well balanced and proportioned with a nice comfortable hand, all intended for daily use.

However a great many of my sticks are sold to collectors and rarely see the outdoors.

If you are in the area, callers are welcome by prior arrangement.

For overseas sales, please contact me prior to purchase for postal options.

Stick repairs. I also offer a stick repair service. Most walking sticks can be repaired and brought back to original condition be it a new shank fitted or repairs to the handle.

For further information please contact me on 01745 730761 or 07597383203 or email tony@espleywalkingsticks.co.uk