What length should my stick be?

  • For a short walking stick usually hip height.
  • For a market stick or crook, minimum of elbow height.
  • Thumb sticks will be longer and generally a couple of inches higher than the elbow.

stick terminologyWhat do these terms mean?

  • Cleek or leg cleek: A smaller sized crook  used to catch sheep by a hind leg.
  • Collar or spacer: A slice of horn,metal, bone or hardwood decorating the joint between shank and handle.
  • Crown: The highest point of the curved top of a handle.
  • Crook: Designed by shepherds to catch a sheep by the neck.
  • Fancy: A decoratively carved handle.
  • Ferrule: The metal cap fitted to the tip of the stick to prevent from wear.
  • Head: The part of the stick which forms the handle.
  • Heel: The point at which the neck of a handle begins to form the crown.
  • Neck: Vertical length of handle from the stick joint to the heel.
  • Shank or shaft: The wood section fitted to handle.
  • Nose: The point at which the handle finishes.